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About NOSO Travel

NOSO Travel Soccer is a strong community based soccer program dedicated to the enjoyment and development of soccer players geared towards the youth of our community.  Our primary focus is to provide an opportunity for every player to have fun, learn the sport and develop life skills including the love of the game.  Travel provides competitive youth soccer for boys and girls in an environment that promotes excellence, sportsmanship, self-confidence, and respect to ensure that each player achieves their soccer goals, realizes their full soccer potential and to nurture their love for the game of soccer.   We create a positive environment that fosters players to have fun and learn teamwork. Competition is a natural part of the sport, but it is not the primary objective of the travel program.  This is more competitive, and a higher level of play than NOSO In-House soccer program.

  • Designed for children from U8/U9 to U15 (boys and girls)
  • 2 seasons: Fall and Spring
  • Access to professional trainers
  • Coaches are licensed volunteers (usually a parent)
  • Fall and spring seasons include two training sessions during the week and a game on typically on Sunday.  A Winter season is optional and consists of one game or training session per week.
  • Additional practices are at the discretion of the coach
  • Teams travel to other communities to play competitive soccer against similarly skilled opponents.  Communities may be neighboring cities or in bordering counties.
  • Teams may choose to participate in tournaments in-state, out-of-state or even out of country.
  • Try-Outs are run in June of each year to determine player selection for each age group
  • Teams are rostered by USCLUBSOCCER
  • Both boys and girls team participate in the Ohio Travel Soccer League (OHTSL).
  • Approximately 200 players are involved in the NOSO Travel Program each year

Program Overview

The NOSO travel teams to participate in League Play organized by the Ohio Travel Soccer League ( which is under USCLUBSOCCER (  It is a Full Year Program that requires a commitment from both players and parents.  There are opportunities in our travel teams for a variety of levels of play and competition that support players at various stages of development.  The number of teams fielded in each age group is primarily based on the number of qualified players who tryout.  NOSO staff will evaluate players for teams during annual tryouts held in June of each year.  Players must try-out for their age-appropriate team.  If you don’t get invited to join a travel soccer team you can play in NOSO’s In-House (recreational) program.

Who is in NOSO Travel

NOSO Travel is made up of teams (boys and girls), ages 7 –14.  The players come from the In-House program, and who hope to play eventually for their high school, college, and maybe professional teams.  The coaches are volunteers who usually come out of the In-House program and are licensed.  The teams have access to professional trainers who help with foot-skill and tactical training. 


Players must try-out for their age-appropriate team.  Age groups are designated as U9, U12, (etc).  "U9" is short for "My soccer age is Under 9".  Soccer age is determined once per year, and follows the calendar years.  Your soccer age is the same for both Fall and Spring seasons, regardless of whether a birthday passes between them.

U8/U9 –U10 teams play on ½ size fields either 7v7 with a #4 ball.  They have referees supplied by the leagues to enforce the rules.  They may play in tournaments. These teams are learning the basic tactical aspects of the game.

U11-12 teams play on ¾ size fields 9v9 with a #4 ball.  They have referees supplied by the leagues to enforce the rules.  They play in tournaments.  These teams are mastering the team and individual tactical aspects of the game.

U13-14 teams play on full size fields 11v11 with a #5 ball. They have referees supplied by the leagues to enforce the rules.  They play in tournaments in and out-of-state, and may play out-of-country.  They are the better players who have the most tactical knowledge and experience of the game, and will eventually play for their high school teams.


There are two scheduled practices per week as determined by coaches.  Attendance is expected at all practices.  Players should advise their coaches if they are unable to attend or participate in a practice.

League Games

Teams will compete in league play in both the fall and spring seasons (each season usually has 7-8 games as set by our OHTSL League commissioners).  These games are normally played on Sunday afternoons, with make-up games scheduled on other days subject to field availability.   Attendance is required at all games (with the exception of illness or family commitments).


Teams may attend a variety of tournaments (as schedules and commitments allow).  All NOSO teams are encouraged to participate in the NOSOCup which is typically held in early summer.


The Head Coaches of travel teams are selected and approved by NOSO’s Board of Directors.  If you are interested in coaching a travel team please submit your resume to the NOSO Board.

Where ever possible NOSO tries to accommodate all children that try out and will, if numbers permit, run more than one travel team for a specific age group.  Children that are selected for a travel team are guaranteed two sessions: the first in the fall and the second in the spring.  Travel teams may also take part in tournaments but this is up to the coach of the team.  Most teams also take part in an indoor league both before and after Christmas.  None of the additional games outside of the regular travel season are mandatory, they are just additional events that most children enjoy taking part in.

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North Olmsted Soccer Organization

PO Box 790 
North Olmsted, Ohio 44070

Email: [email protected]

North Olmsted Soccer Organization

PO Box 790 
North Olmsted, Ohio 44070

Email: [email protected]
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