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About NOSO In-House

What is NOSO In-House?

In-House is the North Olmsted Soccer Organization’s recreational soccer program for the children of North Olmsted and surrounding communities who do not offer one. It is administered by and coached by the volunteer parents of the North Olmsted Soccer Organization and not by the city of North Olmsted or recreation department. The purpose of In-House is to offer and promote the game of soccer to the community. All games are played in North Olmsted on Saturdays at the Barton-Bradley Soccer Complex at the intersection of Barton and Bradley roads in the spring and fall.


Who is NOSO In-House?

In-House is the budding young Abby Wambach or Landon Donavan of North Olmsted? The children are introduced to and taught the basic principles of soccer so as to develop the future youth; state, national or international players of tomorrow. All of the coaches are volunteer parents and the emphasis is on enjoyment of playing and skills learned, rather than competition. Different aspects of the game are taught to different age groups as they progress in their learning process.


Little Kickers (grades Pre-K and  K):

These are the youngest players, separated into boys and girls groups, who are taught to kick and throw the soccer ball and just have fun chasing after it. They follow the “beehive” philosophy of chasing after and kicking the ball as one big swarm of arms, legs and enjoyment. Parents and kids learn together what the game is all about. Fun is the object.

The Little Kickers play on a ¼ size field using a #3 or #4 size ball.


1st & 2nd  grades:

Players are separated into boys and girls groups, with parent coaches, who teach them a little more structured game while still maintaining the basic “beehive” effect of chasing after the ball. The emphasis is still to have fun. Games are played on ½ fields with a #4 size ball and have a referee to enforce the rules.


3rd – 5th grades:

Girl and boy players are grouped together, with parent coaches who teach a more structured tactical game. Games are more competitive, but again the emphasis is on having fun. Games are played on ¾ fields with a #4 ball and have referees to enforce the rules. Some of these players, if good enough, will move on to the competitive Travel teams.


6th – 8th grades:

Players are the oldest and most mature. Their grasp and tactical knowledge of the game is much greater. These are the most developed coaches and players and play at a higher level. The emphasis is more on competition, even though still recreational. Games are played on either ¾ or full fields with a #5 ball and have referees to enforce the rules. Some of these players are on either competitive Travel or competitive Premier teams, and many will play for a High School team as well.


In-House is all about having fun. Learning about the game of soccer and how it will have an impact on their future lives. Many of the same children who started out as Little Kickers will come back years later with their own children and teach them the same aspects and fun of the game of soccer that they learned.

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North Olmsted Soccer Organization

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North Olmsted Soccer Organization

PO Box 790 
North Olmsted, Ohio 44070

Email: [email protected]
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